Sheet Glass Sample - 33 Clear (all textures)

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Sheet Glass Sample - 33 Clear

Our clear sheet glass samples are the only samples that we keep in multiple textures.  If you would like to sample a particular texture, please select it from the drop-down box. 

Samples of our beautiful sheet art glass are 2” x 3”.  While every effort has been made to accurately represent our glass products photographically, there is no substitute for having a sample in hand.

Some textures carry an additional charge or may require a minimum order.  All colors are available in any texture.  All colors and textures are available iridized except for Granite Catspaw and Smooth Catspaw. 

Textures available are listed below:

  • Smooth
  • Seedy (A)
  • Flemish (F)
  • Granite (G)
  • Granite Catspaw (GCP)
  • Hammered (H)
  • Kokomo Double Roll (KDR)
  • Ripple (RIP)
  • Rondalite (RON)
  • Starburst (SB)
  • Smooth Catspaw (SCP)
  • Tight Ripple (TIP)
  • Vertigo (V)
  • Wavolite (WAV)
  • Iridized (IR)
  • Rosebud (WS)
  • Mississippi (MS)

All of the items at Kokomo Opalescent Glass are handmade with pride in Indiana; because they are handmade there may be some variations from the photos.