Rondels & Bullseyes

How Do Rondels Compare in Color to Sheet Glass?
Different methods of glass making create different color intensities. Spun rondels will have a more intense color as they are slightly thicker, especially in the center. Blown rondels will have less intensity of color since they are blown and stretched. To the right is a photograph of our #709 sheet glass in the center with a blown rondel on the left and a spun rondel on the right.
Both spun and blown rondels can be incorporated into stained glass projects with lead cane or copper foil.


On August 29th our hot glass studio received considerable storm damage. Due to this unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance, production of hot glass items will be temporarily halted while we work to get the department functioning again. Items affected include spun rondels, blown rondels, bullseye panes, blown pendant lights, paperweights, memorial paperweights, jewels, drinkware, and bowls. Sale of these items is limited to in-stock or pre-order only.

Sheet glass, lamination, and Dalle de verre manufacturing will continue as normal during this time. Suncatchers, custom awards and trophies, bead making, custom windows and panels, and restorative glass work will continue as normal. 

Tours will still operate on schedule; however, they will not include the hot glass experience until further notice.

Classes other than hot glass will continue as scheduled. Hot glass classes will be suspended until further notice.