For years Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. has been creating fusible glass. Numerous customers and artists have successfully created both small and large scale works of art fusing our sheet glass and dalle de verre.
If you’re interested in doing a fusing project with KOG glass, follow our guidelines in our firing schedule and list of fusible colors.
Our standard KOG schedule is a good starting point, but can be tweaked depending on your needs. Before embarking on a major project, we recommend conducting a fusing test using samples of our glass in your kiln.
Although the list of recommended colors includes only cathedral glass, fusing with our opal glass is possible, but this runs the risk of creating devitrification problems. KOG’s dalle de verre are also able to fuse and slump, they can be fused together or to our sheet glass.
multi-colored fused glass serving boards

Our COE (coefficient of expansion) generally runs about 92-94, but you should test each sheet if they are from different runs.  Even different runs of the same color can have significantly different fusing properties.

Interested in learning to fuse glass? Check out our Kiln Work class!