Sheet Glass Textures

KOG offers a variety of sheet glass textures that can add dimension and interest to any art glass project.
Every KOG sheet glass color is available in the following textures:
Hammered (H)
Iridized (IR)
Flemish (F)
Granite (G)
Granite Catspaw (GCP)
Kokomo Double Roll (KDR)
Mississippi (MS)
Ripple (RIP)
Rondalite (RON)
Rosebud (WS)
Seedy (A)
Smooth Catspaw (SCP)
Starburst (SB)
Tight Ripple (TIP)
Vertigo (V)
Wavolite (WAV)
Note: Ripple, Rondalite, Rosebud, Starburst, and Tight Ripple are considerably more difficult to cut than smoother textures.