Warm Amber 8X12 Glass Pack - 6 Pieces

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Warm Amber 8X12 Glass Pack

Our Warm Amber Glass Pack contains a variety of 6 pieces of our beautiful sheet art glass in a range of amber and brown colors. Each sheet will include amber and/or brown; each sheet may or may not include other colors as well. 

This assortment may contain Opalescent, Cathedral, Streaky, or Opalumes.  Various textures, off batch, and seconds may also be included. This pack comes with 6 assorted sheets.

Each sheet is approximately 8" x 12"

Photo is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual item you will receive; color, texture, and density will vary.  We only put one sheet of a kind in each pack, if you order multiple packs you could receive some duplicates.  

All items are handmade with pride in Indiana, USA