Restoration & Repairs

Kokomo Opalescent Glass staff are here to discuss the possibilities for any restoration, art glass repair or colored sheet glass concern. Our artists are experienced in restoring and repairing a variety of stained glass pieces.

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a before and after of a damaged stained glass window of a cross
Our professionals are experts in matching your glass by color and texture to our wide range of products. Before sending your sample, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs with you personally. We can assist you in your colored art glass project whether you want to do the job yourself or have us perform the work for you.

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Kokomo Opalescent Glass can repair or make custom glass to match your Tiffany Art Glass pieces. Kokomo Opalescent Glass has a long and rich history with world class glass makers since 1888. From our beginnings, we supplied Louis Comfort Tiffany with custom colored glass for his works of art. We continue to produce the same glass colors on the original hand crank Tiffany Tables.

For more information or a quote: call 765-416-8360 or email

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